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Friday, 22 August 2014

Mr. Samuel M. Isaac former CCA Executive passes away

NCCI learns with sorrow the passing away of Mr. Samuel M. Isaac. He was residing in Chennai. 

Rev. Dr. Henriette Hutabarat Lebang, General Secretary, Christian Conference of Asia, writes:
"Sam is very close to the hearts of many church leaders and ecumenical friends in Asia, especially through the development programs that he was co-ordinating.  Sam came to CCA as Secretary for Inter-Church Aid & Development from 1971 - 1975 with a passion for assisting the churches across borders to support each other especially in enabling Asian churches to address economic difficulties and poverty in Asia, by facilitating various development programs in Asian communities.
He brought his rich experience and commitment to empowering the churches in Asia to respond to the mission of God amidst the sufferings of Asian people.  This collaboration continued when Sam served as a staff of the World Council of Churches."  

We thank God for the  life of Mr. Samuel M. Isaac.  May his life continue  to be a source of inspiration for us.

-NCCI Communications