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Saturday, 30 April 2016

The XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly of NCCI declared the names of office bearers for the new quadrennium 2016 – 2020


Rt. Rev. Dr. P. C. Singh
Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese, Church of North India since 2004; Deputy Moderator of Church of North India since 2014.

About him:
Under his able leadership as Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese, CNI, many magnificent projects have been successfully completed including several new institutions. His generosity and geniality are most encouraging. His vision and leadership is a widely acknowledged as exemplary and inspiring. 


Rev. Dr. Ratnakara Sadananda
General Secretary of Church of South India; President of United Theological College, Bangalore: Professor of New Testament at Karnataka Theological College, Mangalore.

He says:
This quadrennial is a pilgrimage of learning justice and peace so that we may understand the necessity of becoming inclusive communities where the weak and the marginalized receive special attention and care.

Mrs. Aleyamma Thomas
Member of the Executive Council of the Malankara Marthoma Church; Coordinator of the Pain and Palliative Care Centre run by the Church in Kerala.
She says:
In the Present scenario, as Christians, we all have to join hands together to work for the unity of churches, and uphold the values and morals for the Glory of God. Thus we can form a community which is inclusive and just.

Mr. Liju Jacob Kuriakose
Lecturer in English, St. Thomas College, Kerala; Central Committee Member of Mor Gregorious Jacobite Student Movement (MGJSM)

        He says:
I believe that we are at a stage in India where the churches and their youth must stand together with the Dalits, Adivasis and other marginalized communities to create a just, inclusive and secular state.


Rev. Dr. A. G. Augustine Jeyakumar
Executive Secretary of the United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India (UELCI); Held the post of Treasurer of National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) in the quadrennial 2012 – 2016.

About him:
The man behind several new innovations in the UELCI; Successfully guided NCCI’s finances towards greater stability; His quiet but strong support are indeed a source of blessing.


Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad
General Secretary of National Council of Churches in India since 2011; Belongs to Presbyterian Church of India.

About him:
A Theologian, and academician and an Ecumenist, he came to NCCI with a wealth of experience from his long tenure with Aizawl Theological College in Mizoram, and Senate Centre for Extension and Pastoral Theological Research (SCEPTRE) in Kolkata; An unassuming personality and strong principles have ensured his continuing strength to serve admirably.

The Installation of the office bearers will take place in the course of the concluding worship service scheduled to be held in Christ Church Cathedral on April 30, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

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NCCI Secretariat gets a new vehicle

National Council of Churches in India secretariat needed a two wheeler for official uses. 

We are grateful to South Andhra Lutheran Church for supporting the work of NCCI, their most recent expression being funds to enable this purchase. 

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad (General Secretary, NCCI) and staff team prayed over it and we hope that it will be used for the glory of God and the furtherance of the work of NCCI at the secretariat. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

NCCI XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly 2016

NCCI XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly 2016 (Jabalpur | April 27 - 30, 2016) is a much anticipated event as the gathering will contemplate and review the call and commitment of the Indian Ecumenical Movement by focusing the Assembly activities including the Business Sessions on the theme:
“Towards Just and Inclusive Communities”.

For more information please see the Assembly website at

Kindly pray for the Assembly that it may be a blessing for all.

Thank you.

XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly Team, NCCI.

Rev. Dr. Luther Paul passes away

Rev. Dr. Luther Paul  passed away at around 8.30 P.M. on Friday, the 15th April, 2016 at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.  Rev. Dr. Paul, 59, an ordained minister of the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church served for about 20 years in various parishes of the AELC prior to being seconded to serve the ACTC as a member of the faculty and later as Principal of the Andhra Christian Theological College, prior to joining the A. P. Council of Churches as its Executive Secretary in April 2014.  Within the 4 years tenure as Principal of ACTC, he was instrumental in building a huge chapel with a cellar for programme facilities; a women centre, workers housing, hostels and library renovations etc. and thus created revenue generating assets for the college.  As Executive Secretary of the APCC, he was also responsible for Hudhud disaster mitigation, renovating 139 Households in Eduruvaripalem near Vishakapatnam in cooperation with the CASA.  

His wife heads a nursing school; his elder son with two children is a pastor, at a town near Hyderabad. After a solemn funeral service held around 4.30 PM at Vanasthalipuram Lutheran Church, his mortal remains were laid to rest around 6 PM on Saturday the 16th April, 2016 with scores of friends, relatives, colleagues and admirers in attendance with the members of the family.

We thank God for his leadership, life and ministry, and pray for God's comfort for the bereaved family.

Source: Bishop John S. D. Raju

Thursday, 14 April 2016

"Program Executive for Health and Healing at 100%" position open at WCC. Call for applications.

Letter received from WCC Recruitment as below. It calls for applications for a position that is open at World Council of Churches (WCC). Please circulate widely.

Dear members of the WCC Central Committee,
Dear partners in the one ecumenical Movement,

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Warm greetings from Geneva!

We are pleased to share with you the re-opening of the following position at the World Council of Churches in Geneva:

- Programme Executive for Health and Healing at 100%

We would be very grateful if you could ensure that the information is communicated to those persons in your Church / Organization who may be interested in applying for this position.

You may also refer to our website

All applicants are requested to apply online within the planned timeframe.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and remain,

Yours sincerely,

Laurent Veyrat-Durebex
Human Resources Manager

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

NCCI Communications Pre-assembly (April 8 - 10, 2016 | CSI Synod, Chennai) - Program Report.

The National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) Communications pre-assembly entitled “Towards Just and Inclusive Communities: Communication for Life, Enablement and Growth”, organized by NCCI’s Commission on Communications and Relations, in partnership with Church of South India (CSI) Synod and Board of Theological Education of Senate of Serampore College (BTESSC), was held in CSI Synod, Chennai from April 8 to April 10, 2016.

There were 46 registered participants at this program representing many of NCCI member Churches and Organizations: Church of South India (CSI), Church of North India (CNI), Board of Theological Education of Senate of Serampore College (BTESSC), Marthoma Church, The Bible Society of India (BSI), The Salvation Army, Lott Carey Baptist Mission, India Peace Centre (IPC), India Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC), Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches (STBC), Tamil Nadu Christian Council (TNCC), Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC), Christian Literature Society (CLS), Inter-Church Service Association (ICSA), Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI), Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church (GELC), Andhra Pradesh Council of Churches (APCC), Chattisgarh Council of Churches (CCC), Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC), National Missionary Society of India (NMSI), Kerala Council of Churches (KCC), NCCI – Urban Rural Mission (NCCI – URM). There were also members from other institutions: Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, Leonard Theological College, Anna University, Karnataka Christian Educational Society (KACES) and Madras Christian College.

Devotions on April 8th and 9th were prepared by Rev. Dr. Bavani Rajan (Pastor, Arcot Lutheran Church, Tambaram). His messages were inspiring Biblical reflections on various aspects of communications. His Praise & Worship team led the singing during the devotions.

At the inaugural session on April 8, 2016, on the dais were Adv. C. Robert Bruce (Hon. Treasurer, CSI), Rev. A. Suresh Kumar (Secretary, Trichy – Tanjore Diocese, CSI), Rev. Dr. Mohan Larbeer (Secretary, BTESSC), Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad (General Secretary, NCCI), Rev. Sunil Raj Philip (Director, Departments of Communication and Dalit & Adivasi concern, CSI Synod) and Rev. Solomon (Director, Youth Department, CSI Synod). Adv. C. Robert Bruce inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp and gave the inaugural address. Each of the other dignitaries also added a flame to the lamp and spoke briefly to bring greetings and to wish the program and participants well.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Praxis Dimension of Prayer : United in Prayer Reflecting Prayer in Action Women's Fellowships Promoting Child Rights on World Day of Prayer

ChurchCChurch Leaders with Ambassador of Cuba and Executive Secretary of AICCW   in Delhi during World Day of Prayer  Service

Nurturing Church Women’s Spirituality for Justice and Peace and promoting World Day of Prayer   (WDP)  is one of the priority focuses of All India Council of Christian Women ( AICCW)WDP is a global, ecumenical movement of Christian women joined together to observe a common day of prayer each year on the first Friday of March. The Motto of WDP is "Informed Prayer & Prayerful Action" signifies that prayer and action are inseparable.  WDP unites church women in prayer in 170 countries.
In 2016 WDP resource material focuses on Cuba and is prepared by Cuba WDP Committee and contexualized by  AICCW. The theme is ‘Receive Children, Receive Me’. Throughout the month of March in India Women’s Fellowship of  different member churches commemorated WDP. AICCW gave a clarion call to churches to pray for Cuba and also promote Child Rights, Child Protection Polices and engage in advocacy to end Child abuse

In New Delhi WDP prayer was jointly organized by Diocesan Women’s Fellowship of Christian Service (DWFCS) of Church of North India – Delhi Diocese and National YWCA.  The Cuban Ambassador Mr Oscar Marrtinez Cardovez  and diplomats from Cuban Embassy in Delhi participated in the worship. Mr Oscar Martinez Cardovez mentioned during the worship while sharing about Cuba that this is the first time he was attending a Church service in India, According Ms  Moumita Biswas - Executive Secretary of AICCW, “WDP  not only helped us  to promote relationship between two countries but pray together learn from each other . We had also the opportunity to know crisis and challenges of Cuba.  So WDP provides us the opportunity to think locally and act globally for justice and peace . This is the Power of Prayer Movement

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Challenging times for Christians in South Asia

The National Council of Churches in India strongly condemns the acts of violence perpetrated on Christians and similar religious minorities in the South Asian region.

We deeply regret that fanatic fascist religious forces are taking the law in their hands and determining who should live in the regions and who should be subjugated and even exterminated. 

The governments of the countries in the region feign surprise and shock at the incidence of such attacks on minorities. Loud but hollow speeches are made that terrorists will not be spared. The opposition parties blame their respective governments for such occurrences and tend to get political mileage for themselves rather than addressing the problem. 

The army and the police are to stand for secular values and principles as well as ensure justice and protection for the vulnerable. However even soldiers and police personnel belong to different religious communities. They could also be influenced by different communal ideologies. They may even be forced to submit to the diktats of their commanding officers. They may also be inadequately equipped to face the the onslaught of communal militant forces.

In the globalized world of our times even religion is commercialized and used by economic, political and religious leaders for their own selfish ends. Human beings do not seem to have any value in the context of the allurement of power and pleasure. Hence large numbers of people are killed; their deaths are considered as being unavoidable for the sake of the attractive end in view. Even religious killing and martyrdom is glorified.

Unless the secular minded people of the lands speak out, this carnage will continue! 
Unless the religious leaders emphasize the important of mutual love and community togetherness, this phenomenon of communal hatred will continue to breed and spread! 
Unless communities resolve that they will not allow hate-mongers to infiltrate their neighborhoods, this evil will not be stopped! 

Having just celebrated Good Friday and Easter, let us as Christians prayerfully and affirmatively stand for what is 'responsible' and 'liberating' in South Asia.

We are well aware that the scourge of religious extremism is also rampant in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. May we be inspired and empowered by the crucified-resurrected Jesus Christ to be channels of justice and peace!

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad,
General Secretary, NCCI