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About us

The National Council of Churches in India is the Ecumenical Forum of the Protestant and Orthodox Churches in India. The Council was established in 1914 as the National Missionary Council. In 1923, the Council constituted itself as the National Christian Council of India, Burma and Ceylon. The Councils of Burma and Sri Lanka separated, and in 1979 the Council transformed itself into what is known as the National Council of Churches in India. It is an Inter-confessional autonomous Council and an ecumenical expression constantly initiating, promoting and coordinating various forms of ministries of Witness and Service in the wider community and society. The Council also serves as a common platform for thought and action and as such it brings together the Churches and other Christian organisations for mutual consultation, assistance and action in all matters related to the life and witness of the Churches in India. The NCCI is committed to the Gospel values of Justice, Unity & Peace.

The NCCI is made up of 30 Member Churches, 17 Regional Christian Councils, 17 All India Organisations and 7 Related Agencies. It represents about 14 million people in India. Ever since it’s inception in the year 1914, the Council and its constituent members are actively engaged in the work of spiritual upliftment, nation building and social transformation. It is an inter- confessional autonomous Council which embraces, promotes and coordinates various kinds of activities for responsible life and witness, for upholding human dignity, for ecological and economic justice, for transparency and accountability, and for equity and harmony, through its constituent members and in partnership with civil society, NGOs, People’s Movements and well wishers at local, national and international levels.

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