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Saturday, 30 January 2016

End Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery: Priority Mission Focus of All India Council of Christian Women

Together We Will  Combat Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery  
A National Consultation on Ecumenical Advocacy to End Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery was organized  by All India Council of  Christian Women ( AICCW)  in Partnership with  Lutheran World Service India Trust on   10th January 2016 in Kolkata. 25 leaders from different faith based organizations and Churches working to end Human Trafficking or justice and peace issues participated in this consultation . Strengthening networking, ecumenical advocacy, capacity building, ending impunity, supporting survivors and their children, alleviating poverty, and intercepting/ending Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery are  priority foci of   AlCCW.

World Day of Prayer Resource Material 4th March 2016

Theme: Receive Children, Receive Me

Country Focus : Cuba

World Day of Prayer (WDP) is a global, ecumenical movement of Christian women joined together to observe a common day of prayer each year on the first Friday of March. The Motto of WDP is "Informed Prayer & Prayerful Action" signifies that prayer and action are inseparable. It is a movement initiated and carried out by women in more than 170 countries and regions. WDP brings together women of various races, cultures, and traditions in closer fellowship, understanding, and action throughout the year. Each year a different theme is chosen and the resource material and liturgy is prepared by WDP Committee of a particular country. Therefore, WDP gives scope to women all over the world to pray for that particular country. Christian women through this prayer movement raise funds to support projects and programs and initiatives of women for justice and peace through WDP International Committee.

This year WDP resource material focuses on Cuba and is prepared by Cuba WDP Committee. The theme is ‘Receive Children, Receive Me’. For the past few decades, All India Council of Christian Women is participating, promoting WDP movement to unite Christian women in prayer movement.  This year AICCW during WDP annual day of observation on 4th March is inviting Churches, Women’s fellowships and ecumenical organizations to Promote Child Rights to Life and Dignity and Take a Stand Against Child Abuse. This is also part of 365 Days Zero Tolerance to Gender Based Violence: Make it Now!!! Campaign of AICCW the women’s wing of National Council of Churches in India.

The WDP 2016 Resource Material is contexualized by AICCW. Please share this resource material and we invite you, your church and women’s fellowship to  join us in this pilgrimage of informed prayer and prayerful action.

For WDP 2016 resource material, visit the website.

Friday, 8 January 2016

NCCI appoints secretaries for Commission on Youth and Commission on Dalits and Tribals/Adivasis

Dear Ecumenical Colleagues,

New Year greetings from NCCI!

I am happy to introduce to you Mr.Pradip Bansrior and Mr.Jianthaolung Gonmei who are recently appointed respectively as the Executive Secretary NCCI-Commissions on Dalits and Tribals/Adivasis, and Executive Secretary NCCI-Commission on Youth.

Mr.Pradip has a Post Graduate degree in Economics. During the past 15 years he has served as Programme Secretary in SCMI, and as CNI Synod Programme Coordinator for Youth Concerns, Subaltern Concerns, and for Dalit & Tribal Concerns.

Mr.Jianthaolung has completed his B.D. from the United Theological College, Bangalore. He has a Post Graduate degree in English language & literature. Before he joined NCCI, Mr.Jianthaolung was serving as an intern in NCCI during 2015.

Please uphold their ministries in your prayers, and encourage them with your support and guidance.

You may contact them at and 

 Mr.Pradip Bansrior

Mr.Jianthaolung Gonmei

Yours in His service,
Rev.Dr.Roger Gaikwad
General Secretary