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Monday, 15 June 2015

Congratulations to Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar on being elected the 17th General Secretary of Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI)

Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar, General Secretary, SCMI
(Photo courtesy: SCMI website)

The 27th General Committee of the Student Christian Movement of India held at Goa from 28-30 May 2015, unanimously elected Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar as the 17th General Secretary of SCM India (SCMI) for a term of four years.

The SCMI Executive Committee proposed the name of Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar which was unanimously received by the General Committee. The chairperson of SCMI , Bishop Dr. Geevarghese Mor Coorilos stated that Mr. Inbaraj has been unanimously selected by the search committee members by considering his long term experiences with the SCM India and his commitment to make this movement a vibrant one.

Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar, a member of Church of South India Madurai Diocese, started his journey with SCMI when he was a student in the American College and then in the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary (TTS) Madurai. Soon after completing his theological studies from TTS, Inba joined SCMI as the Programme Secretary for South Tamilnadu region. He continued his tenure for four years. SCMI deputed him as an International Social Justice intern at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church in New York for two years, after which  he joined the National office of SCMI at Bangalore, thereby strengthening SCMI in movement building. As a person coming from the Dalit Community, he has been a source of great inspiration and strength to Dalit and Tribal Students, especially through the Fellowship Programme.

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National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) congratulates Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar and wishes him the very best in his new role as General Secretary of SCMI. As a constituent member of NCCI, the SCMI has been one of the most active members leading the student community spiritedly, and having in their ministry very practical expressions of ecumenical values. With Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar's dedication to the cause, under his leadership we look forward to many great accomplishments in the direction of edification and empowerment of communities, especially students.

- NCCI Communications.