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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Press Release from North-West India Council of Churches (NWICC)


The Council of the North West India Council of Churches (NWICC) met on 15th April, 2015 at  Mar Thoma Centre in Delhi.  The main agenda of the meeting was revitalizing the North West India Council of Churches (NWICC) and its activities. Bishops, Head of Churches, Official Representatives of Church bodies, Organizations of NWICC  gathered in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and together we reflected on how to become effective witnesses of God’s grace and love in our situation and to serve humanity (as servants of God). 

  • We endorse that all humans are created in the Image of God and Churches and all their agencies are called to be responsible to work with specific mandate for the betterment of humanity as well as God’s creations.
  • We express concern over growing inequality created by humans on the basis of caste, creed, colour, food, language, gender and religion and recent controversies based on faith, practices and habits of individuals and communities.  We also express concern over the continuous attacks against minorities particularly on churches and the Christians.
  • We believe that cultural homogeneity is impossibility in a pluralistic society like ours, and therefore, we affirm to work with all for the betterment of human situation where every individual can live with dignity and honour. 
  • We rededicate ourselves to work for the transition from exclusive to inclusive society. We affirm dignity of life and denounce all forces that work to create division in human society and exploit human and natural resources for selfish purposes.
  • We express solidarity with the farmers, landless, tribals, dalits, maha-dalits, adivasis  and women and children and condemn all types of violent activities against the weaker sections of the society.  
  • We are proud of our Democracy, Constitution and Independent Judiciary and urge every citizen, Government, Political Party and Civil Society to uphold them so that the secular character of our nation is sustained.  

Bishop Subodh C Mondal
President, NWICC

Bishop Collin Theodore
Secretary, NWICC